Records Scanning

Aircraft Records Scanning and Imaging

At Aviation Consulting Group, we understand the value of an aircraft’s historical record. Not only are an aircraft’s records worth more than 30% to 50% of the total value of the aircraft; but they contain the extremely all- important maintenance history and proof of the Airworthiness of the aircraft itself. That’s why ACG scans the records on-site, at your facility, with the records never having to leave your control. Once scanned, the digital images can be placed on any laptop or computer device; or stored in an AC120-78Acompliant Record Keeping System.

Advantages of digitizing an aircraft’s paper record include:

1. Value Protection of the Aircraft
2. Risk Mitigation and Asset Management
3. Records Security
4. Disaster Recovery of Lost or Damaged Records
5. Time and Money savings performing Records Research and Logbook Audits



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