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Aircraft Completion Management
The completion of a VIP aircraft encompasses both design and technical expertise. It requires a thorough understanding of the complex world of aviation rules and regulations governing aircraft interiors… (…READ MORE…)

Aircraft Records Scanning and Imaging

At Aviation Consulting Group, we understand the value of an aircraft’s historical record. Not only are an aircraft’s records worth more than 30% to 50% of the total value of the aircraft; but they contain the extremely all- important maintenance history and proof of the Airworthiness of the aircraft…(…READ MORE…)

Maintenance Management and Maintenance Consulting

With an unrelenting focus on safety, flight readiness and preserving aircraft value; Aviation Consulting Group provides quality solutions to aircraft owners and flight departments requiring special attention to the sometimes-complex issues that surface when operating…(…READ MORE…)

Expert Witness Reporting, Deposition and Trial Testimony

Aviation Consulting Group has all the knowledge and experience needed to help with any completion or maintenance related issue you may have. With our history of providing issue focused analysis, expert witness reporting, and deposition…(…READ MORE…)


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Founded in 1995, Aviation Consulting Group has been providing turn-key Aircraft Maintenance and Completion Management solutions to VIP aviation for over a quarter of a century. Having managed… (…READ MORE…) Aviation Consulting Group
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